Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Current obsession: Patchwork floor tiles

So as I mentioned in my previous post about our honeymoon, I have recently become a little obsessed with tiles. When we were in Italy, we'd walk into an old church with fantastic architecture and artifacts which everyone else was studying, but I would find myself just staring at the floor in awe of the beautiful old tiles!

Since we got home, we've started planning some home improvements as we are no longer putting every penny into wedding savings! And one of the first things we've bought is, you've guessed it, tiles! We've started off small scale with our little porch area which was pretty battered and tired and with a horrible dark blue gloss paint dado rail. We've bought some Limehouse green crackle graze metro tiles from Tons of Tiles (which was great by the way - ordered on Sunday, arrived first thing Tuesday morning, and we were able to order all the supplies for doing the tiling too, saving us a trip to B&Q)  Anyway, we plan to get cracking with that this weekend, so I will share the results once its all finished.

The other idea I am currently toying with it going for a patchwork tiled floor in the kitchen (once we get the building work done) Its a little scary as its quite a bold statement and I usually tend to play it a bit safer than this, but I do think it looks lovely, and it would only be a smallish area, not the entire room. What do you think?

We could either go for something really bright and clean like these from WorkHouse...

This is the floor of the High Road Brasserie is Chiswick which I think looks fab....

One of my favourite shops, also in Chiswick, The Old Cinema has recently installed a patchwork tile floor... I love that this one is a bit more muted in colour and looks nice and old and rustic.... this was installed by the Reclaimed Tile Company.

I also love how they've been used in this hallway... it really adds a lovely punch of colour against the white walls.

via Pinterest
This home in Vietnam has really went for impact with the tiles in this outdoor space and I think they look great next to the dark wooden furniture...

via a21studio
 If you'd rather go for a smaller area, then a bathroom is perfect like this example also from the Reclaimed Tile Company.... 

Or if you don't want to commit to a floor then this is a lovely idea to top a table or set of shelves....

via 101woonideeen
I'm absolutely loving the colour palette in this next shot, if I could find tiles to fit this colour scheme I think I'd definitely go for it...

via Pinterest
These ones from the Reclaimed Tile Company are the closest I've found, but are pretty pricey as they are actual antique tiles and are around £9-10 per tile! yikes!
Armatile, based in my native Northern Ireland, do a slightly more affordable range at around £42 per square metre, these are digitally printed onto porcelain tiles, so not the same authenticity but easier on the old bank balance! 
I'd love to hear your thoughts! And if anyone has any tips on where to track down those peach and gray coloured ones for a reasonable price I'd greatly appreciate it!


Friday, July 26, 2013

Our honeymoon snaps

I must say, after the wedding was all over, all I wanted to do was sleep. I've heard a lot of people say that in the past but thought I'd be fine as we had a whole week in France before the big day to take it easy with the preparations. But hey, turned out I didn't really sleep for about 3 nights before and things were super hectic the last 2 days. Then the day after was spent sorting, clearing and
packing to leave. So when we finally got on honeymoon I was nodding off at every occasion! So glad we decided to stay in Europe and not go long haul or I would have been contending with jet lag too!

Anyway, I thought I'd just post a few pics of our trip, as it really was lovely, and one of my fave things to do on holiday is to take photos. We like going off the beaten track and capturing the parts of a place that not everyone might see. Some people might think my holiday photos are a bit odd, as I tend to see beauty in things like a wall with peeling paint, or an interesting door handle, but to me that's what captures the atmosphere of a place as its those little details that give it character.

Anyway, our first stop was a night in Nice. The Tour de France was in town which made my new hubby very happy, although did cause us a bit of bother when we were trying to get out of the town to the airport, but that's a long story! I loved the old town part of Nice, and even managed to sniff out a flea market! Its also lovely strolling along the promenade and just soaking up the holiday atmosphere....

Luckily we made our flight from Nice to Naples and took a taxi late that night along to the Amalfi Coast and to Positano where we were staying for 4 nights. 

We woke up the next morning to this at the lovely Villa Rosa. This breakfast on our balcony every morning was definitely a highlight of the trip! Yes, we are simple folk! a nice breakfast keeps us happy!

We had one morning were we had heavy rain for a few hours, but we didn't let it deter us, and went out taking photos and exploring....

This is us the morning we took the boat from Positano to Capri, all relaxed and in full holiday mode!

I became a little obesssed with all the beautiful tiles everywhere, and has inspired me to tile our kitchen floor like this when we get it done soon...

These were some of the souvenirs we took home, a 'beware of the cat' sign! and some paper bags from a deli in Positano! :) 

Such a fab honeymoon, which I could do it all over again! Hope you enjoyed a peek at the pics!


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Norwegian in France

I came across this lovely home today via Houzz and was taken by it, firstly because it is in France, not far from where we got married, and I am still obsessed with all things French! And secondly because of its wonderful vintage and DIY touches that were lovingly sourced and created by Norwegian owner Hege Morris and her Scottish husband. I love how the house has a real mix of Scandi style and rustic French with its monochrome backdrop, accents of old wood, vintage leather and the occasional pop of colour.

Hege and her family are soon to move to Scotland, and I can't wait to see what they do with a new house there! You can check out Hege's lovely blog here. xxx

PS. If you have a moment and haven't done so already, I would love it if you could give me your vote in the Cosmo Blog Awards! Patchwork Harmony has been shortlisted for Best Interior Blog! yay! Please click here to cast your vote. Thank you! x
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