Saturday, September 28, 2013

Old friends and new discoveries

What I love about working in magazines and blogging is discovering new designers, makers, shops and talented creative people in general. I also love that, as an editor and blogger, I get the chance to work with these fabulous folk and also share their creations with others. It was such a joy editing Mollie Makes Home recently, and the people that I selected to feature were genuinely a delight to work with - some of them were people I'd come across before and knew they'd be perfect for the issue, and other were complete new discoveries who I found while researching the content.

The only trouble was, I was in serious danger of bankrupting myself, as I feel in love with so many of their lovely products! So today, I thought I'd satisfy myself with a little virtual window shopping and share my fave buys from some of the featured people / shops who can be found on the pages of Mollie Makes Home. Read more about them and their work, pore of pics of their homes, workspaces and/or products... If you haven't managed to get a copy of the mag yet, you should be able to pick it up in WH Smith, Co-op or Tesco's or order it online.

I hope some of these are old friends of yours or new discoveries for you too! x

The Calm Gallery

Chocolate Creative




Freya Art and Design

Lou Lou and Oscar

Oh no Rachio

Erica Quincy / The Other Duckling

Pygmy Cloud

Robin and Mould

Sandra Juto

Little teawagon

Up the Wooden Hills

Zu Shop

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Swedish illustrator Elina Dahl at home

I recently came across the work of Swedish illustrator Elina Dahl, and had to share her gorgeous home and work with you. The simplicity of both her work and her interiors have inspired me and reminded me that sometimes less is more...

Elina lives in Stockholm with her fiancé Oscar and young son Elis.  Her illustrations are inspired by colours, shapes, interiors and landscapes, and recently a lot of her work features the contrast between black and pastel colours which I am just loving...

Elina says she spends a lot of time on Pinterest, blogs and magazines looking for ideas for her home, but then mixes those with her own ideas - it can simply be a colour of feeling that gives her inspiration. 

A girl after my own heart, she loves a flea market find, and mixes these with new items and of course lots of her own work is dotted around their home!

Elina and her family are just about to move away from this gorgeous home and start afresh in a new place! I can't wait to see what she does with that! Stay tuned! 

You can buy Elina's artwork from her online shop and read her blog here

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

DIY: design your own pillowcases

Grab yourself some plain pillowcases and some fabric paints and give your bedroom a thrifty little update with these hand painted pillowcases. I've recently started guest blogging over at the blog and this is my first DIY project for them! Find the full tutorial here.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Current Obsession: Citroën H vans

Modern cars are great when it comes to practicality and convenience but sometimes I dream of a day when we all drive around in vintage Triumphs and Morris Minors - the roads would look so much cooler! Plus no-one would complain about how slow you were going as everyone would be the same! If I had the pick of vintage vehicles, my current choice would have to be a Citroën H Van. Their popularity has grown immensely over recent years and they are now found dotted around the fields of festivals and foodie events across the country. It was this minty green one which I spotted at the recent StockMKT in Kingston that has sparked my obsession... 

This one is owned by Cheeky Italian, but there are lots of other foodie businesses choosing these as their portable food outlet. I also love this one which is owned by Pizza Dreams...

And if you happen to be based in Ireland, you can hire this one out for events, weddings or parties from Little Piggy...

I guess they must be the perfect size and format to work as a food van, but I'd love to use one as a pop-up shop! How great would that be?! You could deck out the interior and fill it with vintage goodies! I absolutely love Emily Chalmers (owner of Caravan) van which she has had for years, well before the festival craze for them! Its just gorgeous...

Images of Emily's van by Debi Treloar

Do you like these vans as much as me?! What would you do with one? Or do you prefer another vintage vehicle? xxx

Monday, September 9, 2013

Mollie Makes Home - my latest project!

So as I mentioned in a post last week I've had a really busy 6 weeks since we got back from honeymoon. Along with everything else I told you about the other day, I've also been working on a really exciting project which I am finally able to reveal! Back before we headed off to get married, I was asked by the lovely folk at Mollie Makes magazine if I would like to be guest editor on a special edition of the magazine called Mollie Makes Home. The first issue of this was published back at the start of the year, so I was to work on the second edition, publishing this month.

I was SO thrilled to be given the opportunity to work on this as I absolutely love Mollie Makes, and I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed putting it together! I'm so proud of the results and can't wait to see it in print later this month. It is due to go on sale on 19th September, but here is a little sneak peek for you...!

It is filled with seriously gorgeous homes, crafty projects and interviews with some fab designer makers. Below is a little peek at some of the spreads. Featured are the homes of Allison and Christian Sadler of The People Shop and Jane of Teawagon Tales, a tea and a chat with Lucas and Hayley of The Calm Gallery and how cute are those little felt mountain peek coasters designed by Diana from Pygmy Cloud?! This is literally scratching the surface of what's inside - it is 128 pages of gorgeousness! I had serious house envy while working on this and picked up lots of fab ideas for my own home. Perk of the job I guess! :)

I hope you like what you see! It is possible to PRE-ORDER the magazine already. I'd LOVE to hear what you think, as you can imagine its a massive deal for me, so I just really hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I enjoyed putting it together! A massive thanks to the Mollie Makes team for asking me to work on this, and for being SO fab to work with!

UPDATE: There is now a little Issuu sample of these spreads to have a flick through and have a closer look!


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mini garden makeover

Following on from my post about the bunting I made for the garden, I thought I'd share a few more pics of what I'm calling my mini garden makeover. Believe me there is a lot more needs done out there, but at the minute we are saving to give our kitchen a big makeover, so I thought I would just do some budget friendly things in the garden to improve it a little.

The shed has been repainted and I also painted a door which was shiny black gloss before. Its still waiting for another coat of paint which is going to be a sage green colour. I've created a little bit of a focal point in the patio with this lovely folding bench which was very kindly sent to me by the folk at Out There Interiors. I'm SO pleased with it! Its really cute and perfect for two to sit and have a nice cuppa in the garden together! I'm also coveting this industrial vintage mini water butt from their range as well as some bits for the kitchen once we get it done!

I love getting plants as gifts. As much as I love a gorgeous bunch of flowers, plants are much more long lasting.  Quite a few of these plants were wedding gifts actually which is really lovely. I hope I can keep them alive! Otherwise I try to find plants at good prices, this one below I found in Wilkinsons for a couple of quid, and seems to be doing quite well so far.

The giant lantern in the tree was from Habitat a few years ago. Below is an upcycled tin. If you've ever been to France and bought confit duck in a tin you might recognise these tins! But I'm sure you can get other foods in big tins here too! (by the way, if you're in France, you MUST try the confit duck, it is so amazing we get my mother in law to send us deliveries of it!) Anyway, I masked off half of the tin and used Plastikote spray paint in daffodil. A super cheap and easy update for creating a more interesting herb container!

There's little Claude just woken from her afternoon nap in her favourite spot, against the fence behind the water butt! 

As well as the newly made bunting, below is one of the newest additions to the garden. A little plant shelf made by the hubby from old wood which used to be our bed! (not our current bed obviously!) Again I used Plastikote spray paint in Cameo Pink.

I bought these little pansies from a local florists just round the corner from my house. I decided rather than transporting them into prettier pots I would update their original ones! I had some little paper bags left over from our wedding that I thought would look nice, so I got out the decoupage glue and got sticking! I had to cut the paper into strips rather than just wrapping it round the pot to stop it all creasing up. It's not the neatest job ever, but I like that they are a little rustic! I'm going to apply a layer of clear varnish over them too, in the hope that will make them stand up to the elements a bit longer. I know that they won't last forever, but that's ok, as it didn't cost me anything and only took a hour or so to do! :)

  So that's it, a little bit of a thrifty spruce up! I must thank Out There Interiors for the lovely bench, which spurred me on to give the garden some attention before the winter months roll in!
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