Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Children's room wallpaper

Wallpaper has never been more popular. You no longer have to go and browse a poor selection at your local DIY store, there are so many options online these days, and when it comes to decorating a nursery or kids room, there's no need to go for something 'kiddie' either.

When they are young and you still have some control over what their room looks like, it's chance to go for something that's stylish but that is still youthful and fun. I've been doing some research for our soon to be baby room, and these are some options that have caught my eye. I'm still deciding what to go for - which do you love the most?

Childrens room wallpaper - Love Mae
Floating feathers - Love Mae - approx £160
Childrens room wallpaper - This Modern Life
Harlequin in mint - This Modern Life - £59.95

Childrens room wallpaper - Fine Little Day and Nubie
Mountains - Fine Little Day - £32m2 / Into the Wild - Nubie - £70

Childrens room wallpaper - I Love Wallpaper
Caselio Alice - I Love Wallpaper - £19.96 / Caselio Cairo - I Love Wallpaper - £19.96

Childrens room wallpaper - Love Mae
Pocohontas Spring - Love Mae - approx £160 / Confetti - Love Mae - approx £160
Childrens room wallpaper - Lile Sadi
Soft triangles - Lile Sadi - £33m2

Childrens room wallpaper - Mini Moderns
Moo! - Mini Moderns - £50

Childrens room wallpaper - Rockett St George
Dogs - Rockett St George - £95 / Cats - Rockett St George - £95  
Childrens room wallpaper - Mini Empire
Forest Spice - Mini Empire - £31m2

Friday, February 21, 2014

The beautiful DeconoHut shop

You may remember a while back I featured the gorgeous pastel home of Istanbul-based blogger Ayda Algin? Ayda mentioned in our interview that she was planning to open an Etsy shop, so I was excited to see that she has done just that a few weeks ago, and unsurprisingly, it is gorgeous!

Crochet blanket from DeconoHut shop

Beautifully handmade items - cushions, baby blankets, ipad cases and more - and all beautifully photographed in Ayda's fresh, colourful style... There's certainly a few things I'll be adding to my wish list here!

baby blankets from DeconoHut shop

cloud cushions from DeconoHut shop

handmade floral pincushion from DeconoHut shop

Diamond patchwork cushion from DeconoHut shop

handmade bunting from DeconoHut shop

handmade fabric ipad case from DeconoHut shopknitted blanket with pom poms from DeconoHut shopAt the moment, there is only 1 of each item available, so if you love it, snap it up! View the full collection at her shop, and don't forget to check out her gorgeous blog CafenoHut if you haven't already.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

DIY: Dyed lace napkins

So when our new kitchen and dining room are finally finished, I'm looking forward to having a few folk over for dinner and just to be able to eat at a table again will be nice! I created this little DIY project for some pretty napkins edged with lace, dyed using fabric paints. The full tutorial can be found over the AO at Home blog this week. Here's how they turned out...

DIY tutorial - dyed lace napkins

DIY tutorial - dyed lace napkins

DIY tutorial - dyed lace napkins
They are really simple, so let me know if you give them a go! ;)


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Stressing about storage

Apart from the fact our kitchen renovation seems to be taking my whole life, the one thing that is stressing me out at the moment is storage. As we are making a lot of changes - mainly turning the spare room, which has been my office into the baby's room - it seems to have brought to light just how much 'stuff' I have. I have tried to get rid of some stuff recently, but even still, there's still a lot of stuff. In my plans for the new kitchen / dining room / my new office, I really want it to be less cluttered and more fresh and airy, but what's stressing me is that already I can see this is not going to be possible due to 'the stuff'. I don't think I can even really get rid of much more, as most of it is work related - paperwork, craft supplies, magazines, books, props etc, and it's trying to work out how to condense and store what was essentially a rooms worth of stuff into a small area of another room. So at the moment, I am wracking my brains and scouring the web for ideas to get around this, this is what I've come up with so far...

Large cupboards / wall mounted cupboards
Ideally a large freestanding cupboard would be perfect - you can just chuck everything in there and close the doors - and it works for both the kitchen area and the office area, and they even, as seen in some of these pics, don't look out of place in the dining area. My only concern is whether I even have enough space for a big cupboard like these. The other alternative is a few smaller wall mounted cupboards....

I love open shelving, so I think lots of shelves will have to be utilised, but of course with these, you have to make sure you are only displaying pretty things otherwise they'll just look cluttered and messy - not a good look. I like the idea of using unusual spaces for shelving, above doors or windows or in corners for example, and I also like the idea of upcycling things like wooden crates into shelving units.

Hidden storage
As I'm not sure if I have room for a big 'store it all' cupboard, I've been trying to think of ideas for hidden storage. So far, I'm liking the idea of concealing some of the open shelving. Seems contradictory, but I know I'm going to have some things like paperwork files that I'll want hidden, so I'm thinking of making some little curtains out of vintage silk scarves that could be pulled across the shelving to hide everything and will still look pretty... This idea was inspired by Emily Chalmers use of silk scarves as room dividers, and Dottie Angel's use of vintage fabric on cupboards and shelving...

Hanging storage
And finally, hanging things like pots and pans will hopefully free up space in cupboards, so this is another option I'll definitely try and incorporate.

If anyone has any other suggestions for small space storage or for combining a kitchen, dining room and workspace into one please let me know!


Friday, February 14, 2014

Fab followings - Southwood Stores

I haven't done a fab following for a little while, but today I thought I'd give a little shout out to a relatively new online shop called Southwood Stores. The website is run by Hayley Southwood and has a real Scandinavian influence, a style which I seem to be becoming more and more drawn to these days.

There is a real mix of products from home accessories to stationery to clothes and jewellery, all sourced from lovely independent designers such as Mabel and Bird, Paper Moon and Jane Foster.

Here are some of my fave picks from their current collection....

Tea towel by Kauniste / Chopping board by Seventy Tree

Sail boat plush by Long Story Co / Kitchen postcard by Amy Walters

Greeting card by Psychopants / Cushion cover by Depeapa

Sailor plush by Long Story Co / A4 print by Paper Moon

Crockery by House of Rym

Crown cushion by Mabel & Bird / Panda print by Jane Foster

Notebooks by Sparrow and Wolf / Black and White garland by Happy August

Anything you got your eye on?! I know I do! Check out the rest of their range at Southwood Stores.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Apply for the Photocraft Scholarship

I'm really excited to announce that I will be on the judging panel to select one lucky designer/maker to win a scholarship to take Photocraft's 4 week online course in photography and styling. The course, run by photographer and Photocraft founder Lyndsey James, is normally priced at £250, and is an amazing chance to improve your photography and styling for your business, which I for one, believe is one of the most important things when you are trying to sell and promote your products and business.


The images you use for your online shop/website and for distributing to the media really do make or break whether a customer is compelled to part with their money, and is certainly a huge factor in whether magazine editors will request your images to feature in their publication. You don't need to have a big, expensive, fancy camera, you just need to know how to use the one you've got and how to use light to your advantage, and this is just one of the things Lyndsey will share her knowledge on during the course. And remember, if you arm yourself with these skills, it will also potentially save you money in the long run, as you'll be able to shoot your own images rather than paying a photographer to do it for you.

I ran a feature in issue 7 of 91 Magazine about one of Lyndsey's live workshops, so do have a peek at this to find out more about her ethos and the kinds of things you can learn from her. Read the article here.

I'm really honoured to be amongst such a prestigious judging panel - Annie Sloan,  creator of world famous Chalk Paint; James Boardwell, founder of Folksy; Jane Means, gift wrapping extraordinaire and Suzy Rai, experienced business mentor.

Photocraft online photography course scholarship judging panelSo what are you waiting for?! Apply for the scholarship now - but be quick - the closing date is 23:49GMT on Sunday 23rd February 2014. NOTE: the course runs 3rd-30th March 2014.

Read more about the scholarship and the course content, and then getting applying! I'm so excited to see the applications! Good Luck!


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

DIY: Make a pretty pinboard

If your new years resolution was to get more organised in 2014, then here is a quick little DIY for pinning notes, deadlines and appointments to, but that will also look super pretty hanging in your office or kitchen. Or simply use it for displaying inspiration and pretty things. The full DIY instructions are over on the AO at Home blog, but here's a peek...

a DIY tutorial for a pretty cork pinboard

a DIY tutorial for a pretty cork pinboarda DIY tutorial for a pretty cork pinboard
What do you think? Will you give this idea a go?!

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